TimberPress R 500

The 5-chamber rotary press is used for pressing glulam with all current glue types. It is used for serial production as well as for order-related production - batch size 1.

The following lamella dimensions can be processed:

Lamella length: 3,500 – 18,100 mm
Lamella width: 90 – 300 mm

The pressing height is 100 - 1,200 mm.

After pressing, components with the following dimensions are created:

maximum components: 18,000 x 300 x 1,200 mm (L x W x H)
minimum components: 3,500 x 90 x 100 mm (L x W x H)

Other dimensions are also possible.


Advantages of the TimberPress R 500:

+ minimal offcuts by infinitely variable pressing length and
   hydraulic lateral pressure in a pattern of 1,000 mm 
+ high flexibility and productivity by individually controlled
   pressure shoes for random-length laminated beams
   in one pressure chamber    
+ perfect quality and highest process stability by pressure
   monitoring and regulation during the entire pressing
+ optimal cleanliness and access by upright standing package
+ separate stations for feeding and discharge




Space requirement of the press incl. feeding/package formation and discharge:

Length: 21,500 mm

Width: 8,600 mm

Height: 6,000 – 6,600 mm