Robot quality sorting in beam production

Every year Schaffitzel Holzindustrie produces up to 15.000 m³ glulam and solid construction timber in Schwäbisch Hall. Apart from spruce, they use accoya, beech, larch or Douglas fir for their products. MINDA was responsible for the complete planning of this flexible, computer-controlled plant.

The dried lamellae are separated by vacuum destacking followed by moisture measurement. The stability class is exactly determined within seconds. At the marking station an operator marks the defects. For the first time, MINDA used a robot with a space-saving intermediate storage to sort different qualities. The low-maintenance robot distributes the raw wood as needed to the further processing. The defects are cut off and the finger-joint workpieces are assembled to lamellae up to 45 m long. After the curing process in the curing stock they are planed, glued and stacked and then pressed to straight and curved beams. After having passed through a beam planer they finally reach the assembly hall.