Robot quality sorting and automatic pressing bed in curved beam production

Stephan Holzbau in Gaildorf invested in a modern production in order to increase apart from the competitiveness the quality of their products. In addition, an extended pressing bed should provide flexibility. MINDA solved this task despite the very tight space conditions. The core of the production is a robot stacking in the quality sorting and an automatic pressing bed for the production of beams up to 50 m long.
The industrial robot exactly stacks the sorted lamellae according to stability classes resp. qualities in brick pattern so that they stabilize themselves. The capacity amounts to 6 individual cycles resp. 5 double cycles per minute.
The automatically adjustable MINDA pressing bed achieves the desired beam geometry by automatic positioning of the pressing columns according to CAD data. The required pressure is applied to the package to be pressed via hydraulic tightening units, connection rods and pressure shoes. The lamellae are laterally adjusted by a hydraulic system or by weights. It is possible to press up to six beams one upon the other with a beam height of up to 4 m.