In the corrugated industry, there are still many semi-automatic palletizers in the field being operated by a person. These systems are often in a good condition and reach sufficient capacity for the requested application. Together with the Maschinenbau u Konstruktion GmbH Elmshorn MINDA offers a robot for retrofitting which assumes the tasks of this operator. The robot - RoboMate - then performs the function of the operator and can carry out the manual heavy work with a higher and continuous performance. Thus, the performance in this sector is increased and the complete plant requires extremely small construction space. 

This retrofitting provides the following advantages:

+ High performance continuity
+ More space-saving than a complete robot cell
+ Optimal stacking pattern by creating individual layers 
+ Automatic creation of different packing patterns 
+ Manual mode provided at any time




Possible designs:

+ Preparation of empty pallets with automatic positioning
   of the bottom sheets
+ Feeding of intermediate sheets
+ Turning of stacks, as required






An articulated arm robot, which forms the layers and also positions the required protection sheets, is laterally fixed at the customer’s semi-automatic palletizer. Depending on the packages being fed in bundles or non-bundled via a driven or non-driven bundle transport, an alignment device with front stop and a discharge conveyor are to be added. The robot can pick up bundles up to 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm and create stacking patterns.