TimberPress V 200

The hydro-mechanical solid wood presses of a specially designed version for the manufacture of standard products consist of two press chambers. In contrast to the vertical hydraulic press in standard design this special press applies the pressure via pressure shoes from top onto the wood. As a result, different workpiece lengths can be pressed in one pressing cycle. Therefore the press is especially suitable for customers with a order-related production. 

The vertical hydraulic press in special design is fed and discharged in lengthwise direction. The workpieces to be pressed resp. the pressed packages are transported without crane.


This press system can be installed in any length and is suitable for the production of:

  • glue-laminated timber
  • Duo-/Trio beams
  • ceiling elements
  • ceiling beams
  • blockhouse elements


The pressure application from top allows to press workpieces of different lengths within one package at the same time.


Further advantages of vertical hydraulic presses:

  • pressing of different products
  • any kind of glue can be used
  • short pressing times (depending on glue)
  • low power consumption
  • extendable by modular design
  • two separate press chambers integrated in a frame for high capacity
  • different pressing lengths, as every main and lateral pressure unit can be switched on and off
  • timber saving due to optimal side pressure
  • automatic pressure control and regulation
  • no permanent operating personnel required (cycles)
  • fully automatic operation possible
  • use of a PC possible for documentation of pressure, temperature and humidity
  • automatic logging of pressing data
  • network compatible control system