TimberPress V 200 flex

In this vertical solid timber press for standard and commissioned goods the pressure is applied from top onto the timber via pressure shoes.

The tiltable hydraulic press in special design is fed in crosswise direction. It is possible that several press chambers are located one after the other or oppositely. For long workpieces it is possible to couple press chambers. The transport of the lamellae to be pressed resp. of the pressed packages is normally effected without crane.   The tiltable hydraulic press in special design can be installed in any length.


This press can be used for the production of:

  • glulam
  • duo-/ trio lam
  • ceiling elements
  • ceiling beams
  • block house elements

in commissioning operation.


The pressure supply from top provides the possibility to press several different workpiece length at the same time in one package.


Further advantages of titable hydraulic presses in special design:

  • pressing of various types of products possible
  • any kind of glue can be used
  • short pressing times (depending on glue)
  • low power consumption
  • extendable due to modular construction
  • different pressing lengths are possible, as every main pressing and lateral pressing unit can be activated separately
  • timber saving due to optimal side pressure
  • automatic monitoring of the pressing force and readjustment
  • automatic pressing process is possible
  • low space requirement because of cross feeding
  • use of press pc for documentation of pressure, temperature and humidity
  • glue application protocol can be automatically created
  • network-compatible control