TimberPress X 300

MINDA developed a CLT press which allows to produce CLT of any quality. Dimensions of up to 18.0 m length and 3.5 m width are possible.

Depending on the requirements the longitudinal and cross layers can be compressed of loose workpieces as well as of glued boards. Apart from the always required vertical pressure the press can also be equipped either with longitudinal and cross pressure units.


Special features of the press:

  • modular design, extendable in a pattern of 600 mm
  • fully automatic feeding and discharge with belt conveyors
  • crosswise alignment with hydraulic pressure elements in a pattern of 1,200 mm, option 600 mm
  • lenghtwise alignment with hydraulic pusher device against fences 


Advantages of CLT press:

  • use of fast glues with short open waiting times
  • short pressing times
  • fully-automatic operation from feeding via positioning up to unloading
  • process reduction and cost saving by temporal overlapping of feeding and discharge cycle
  • low energy consumption
  • possibility of gradual capacity increase by additional presses
  • production of pre-assembled CLT packages with automatic length adjustment
  • Press-PC for documentation of pressure and humidity
  • network-compatible control