TimberPress C 700

MINDA supplied the first fully-automatic press for curved laminated beams.

Thus it is possible for the first time to reduce the intensive manpower requirements to one or two operators. This concept provides a cost-efficient production of laminated beams.

When working with single layers it is possible to feed the press fully automatically and to discharge the packages after pressing.

When working with multi layers, the press is fed via an overhead crane.


Special features of the press:

  • fully automatic pressing
  • transfer of the beam profile and positioning data of the counter brackets from customer’s CAD


Advantages of the press:

  • minimal personnel required
  • extremely solid construction
  • automatic adjustment of the counter brackets (acc. to beam curve)
  • automatic lateral alignment by top pressure bridges
  • automatic appliance and monitoring of the pressure
  • option: electronic logging of pressing data
  • automatic press unloading in longitudinal direction via integrated roller conveyor
  • PC-controlled glue application and press filling
  • monitoring of glue application data, pressure, pressing time, ambient temperature and humidity as well as minimum lamella temperature
  • fully automatic logging of pressing data