Paper reel transport with conveyor

Transport of lying reels

The in-ground plastic chain conveyors offer a lot of advantages:

  • conveyor length up to 10.0 m in one section
  • very solid construction, suitable to be crossed by clamp truck (wheel load 7 t)
  • solid 2.5" plastic chains, high wear resistance, no maintenance required
  • smooth running of chains requires low driving power
  • compact design, continuous pit depth of only 310 mm
  • reverse operation mode, especially for positioning of paper reels under unwind stands
  • gentle reel transport


Transport of upright standing reels

The paper reels are straightened up by a tilting device and then they are lowered by the transport system with a lowering device. The downstream transfer car takes the individual reels and transports them to the respective transfer points. The installed crane stacks them by means of a gripper in the paper reel storage one above the other in upright position.