World’s largest MINDA CLT-press

CLT-press for a maximum board size of 20 x 6 m


MINDA received an order from a European manufacturer of prefabricated houses for the construction of the world’s largest CLT-press designed until now for a maximum board size of 20 x 6 m.


The TimberPress X 100 is the latest version of MINDA’s hydraulic CLT-press systems.
Joint-glued cross and length layers are pressed to CLT elements with 0.6 N/mm² – which corresponds to a total pressing charge of 7200 tons. Based upon a performance of 16 cycles per shift the materials handling, the glue application and the press are designed for an annual production of 120.000 m³ for a 1-shift operation.

A particular performance demand was made to a line of three TimberPress X 200 with a two-dimensional pressure supply in vertical and lateral direction. 320 elements per shift are produced.
In this line CLT boards with 3 - 5 layers in standard size are produced being used as temporary driveways or so-called “crane-mats“ for instance in the oil sand industry.
At present the commission takes place in the US.

A "National Center for Advanced Wood Products, Manufacturing and Design” is developed at the University of Oregon in Corvallis / USA which is affiliated to the forestry faculty. In close cooperation between the wood industry and other faculties such as architecture, engineering construction and  "Allied Arts" innovative wooden products and engineering should be developed particularly for the needs of the wood industry in Oregon. In a new test center the basics for a new building code for timber constructions are worked out.  For this new construction the university ordered a special CLT press from MINDA providing all different test versions.


Assembly of TimberPress X 200

Already in 2010 MINDA developed its first hydraulic CLT press with the TimberPress X 300 including a 3-dimensional pressing system for the production of high-quality CLT boards for a German customer. Layers of individual length and cross lamellas are transferred to the alignment station by the vacuum portal followed by the automatic glue application. The package to be pressed enters the press on a special plastic belt whereas the finished pressed package simultaneously leaves the press.  Before pressing, the package to be pressed is entirely compressed, separately in X- und Y-direction, by a horizontal press system. Afterwards the vertical main pressure is built up. The TimberPress X 300 particularly disposes of a flexible fully-automatic limit stop which allows producing any board format within millimeters. To that effect no oversize is required.

The simultaneous infeed and outfeed of the pressed CLT panels – in connection with short closing and pressure built-up cycles – provide short non-productive times and high productivity. The pressing quality of the TimberPress X 300 is so good that an additional surface treatment of the individual CLT boards after pressing is not required. With TimberPress X 300 MINDA has succeeded straightaway to build an extraordinary CLT press system which has been running impeccably to the entire satisfaction of the customer for 6 years. Minimum maintenance efforts and low energy consumption of the hydraulic pressure system are additional economic advantages of this press. Further users will benefit from these advantages. One press will be supplied to Sweden and another one to the US in autumn. 


With the TimberPress of series X all customer requirements can be fulfilled. The gluing of CLT layers is either possible with loose lamellas or with joint-glued lamellas. The CLT elements can be produced in batches but also in customer-related lot size 1. Even nowadays boards with a width of 1,200 up to 6,000 mm and with a length of 5,000 – 20,000 mm are produced. However, other customer’s demands can also be met thanks to the modular construction system. All series have for common that they are built in a compact and space-saving manner. They have got a precisely regulated and completely controlled pressure system and are equipped with a high-quality transport belt.

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