North America relies on German technology

North America relies on German technology

A Mexican manufacturer of corrugated board has decided for innovative solutions and quality from Germany for their new Greenfield project.

In 2013 a Mexican customer contacted MINDA with the task to work out innovative intralogistic solutions for his Greenfield project. In this connection they came across MINDA by high-quality innovations of their competitors.

Behind the new high-capacity corrugator from a German manufacturer two discharge lines with data tracking were installed. They guarantee a fast and smooth transport of the stacks from the corrugator due to the optimization of the stacks to blocks. Depending on the goods to be transported, the capacities are maximally used so that the goods reach the block storage as fast as possible, where they are stored on sleeves for the internal conversion. A part of the production is fed to the downstream strapping station and then supplied to the customers.


MINDA delivered the machine feeding lines with sleeve loading for six converting machines, partly new and partly taken from other sites.

The finished goods are transported via a fixed main line consisting of plastic chain conveyors and right angle stations. The data tracking starts from an info-point in front of the strapping station up to stack pick-up.   


Main transport line

The project was started end of 2013 so that beginning of April 2014 the components could already be shipped to North America. End of May/beginning of June 2014 the intralogistic system was installed and commissioned at site.
Further stages of extension have been considered. The data tracking system already includes the conditions for interfaces for the production planning system for the complete extension.
The short project and realization period resulted in an intensive partnership which is intended to be strengthened in the future and will be exemplary for further projects on the American market. 


Strapping area

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