News at the LIGNA 2015

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New press system for glulam, Duo-, Triolam, LVL and hardwood

The new developed press system is flexibly designed with 2 pressing chambers. It offers simultaneous pressing of two packages with a height of up to 2000 mm and a width of 80 to 300 mm. The press hydraulic system allows a pressure of 1.0 N/mm² with a 300 mm wide beam.

The pressure, which is centrally applied to the beam from top in a pattern of 500 mm, also allows the production of stepped beams. The lateral pressure can be applied either in a pattern of 500 mm or 1000 mm and leads to exactly adjusted lamellas. As a result, the planing losses are minimized. Among others, Minda developed a new infeed and outfeed. Thus, the press is perfectly suitable for fast and exact fully-automatic operations and ensures a high and safe productivity.  Inside, the press is completely lined with plastic enabling easy cleaning. The new press system features a very robust construction in proven solid design.

Use the opportunity to visit this new development in our factory in Minden during the LIGNA!


Simulation for LVL panels in order-related production

MINDA consequently extend their planning and solution-oriented capacities by means of simulation software simulating the dynamic behavior of the planned system with order-related production up to batch size 1. Hereby practical production data are used. The simulation furnishes precious results to optimize bottlenecks, to design the production system and to set up the in-house production control system “MINDA MoveIT”. 
At  the LIGNA stand we present an example showing the storage and removal of LVL panels into and from a high-rack warehouse and the downstream buffering of semi-finished and finished products in a block storage.



CLT press system for different applications

All in all, MINDA offers three different presses for the production of CLT including a new reasonably priced, semi-automatic solution for the production of CLT for small and medium-sized companies. Longitudinal and cross layers are manually loosely positioned, aligned and glued without lateral gluing on a feeding table with positioning and adjustment devices. The transport into and out of the press is effected by a plane plastic chain. The longitudinal and cross layers are closely pushed together and pressed by means of hydraulic pressure elements.

An operator releases the individual pressing steps by a touch panel. Panel lengths of 12.80 to 17.80 and panel width of 2.40 to 3.10 can be realized with a panel thickness of 400 mm. A simultaneous pressing of two to three elements is possible.

CLT press system  for small and medium-sized companies

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