10 years MuK - MINDA

A friendly partnership resulting from a competitive situation

In the corrugated paper and cardboard industry palletizers must provide high precision operations while being robust and flexible. The company Maschinenbau und Konstruktion GmbH Elmshorn (MuK) is a specialist in this field. Exact stacking, automatic change of stacking patterns and individual layout creation are characteristics of the MuK palletizing robots.


More than 10 years ago, a competitive situation led to a trustful partnership, which has resulted in a close friendship between MuK and MINDA in the meantime. Since then, numerous projects have been realized, where stacks are fully-automatically created behind inliners, flat-bed and rotary die-cutters. The packages, which are automatically fed to the robot, are turned, rotated and doubled. These movements depend on the specified packing patterns. The gripper simultaneously picks up one or several packages and deposits them with exact adjustment. Bottom sheets and intermediate layers can also be inserted automatically. The same applies to dispensing and applying pallet labels.
For the future, there are several development projects on the agenda. Among others, the MuK RoboMade and the MuK RoboFeed are being developed to complement the MINDA Prefeeder Advector.  

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