High-rack warehouse

Published in the International Paper Board Industry, February Issue 2018

MINDA Industrieanlagen GmbH, the intralogistic expert for corrugated cardboard and board industry, has delivered a fully-automatic high-rack warehouse to JANMAR CENTRUM to Poland last year.


JANMAR CENTRUM in Trzcinica/Poland was founded in 2000 as a factory for processing corrugated cardboard. They do not have an own corrugated cardboard production but purchase their needs from the market.
The finished products are supplied to customers throughout Poland working in the different branches of industry: to the chemical, plastic, automotive, electrical as well as for the furniture and food industry.
JANMAR CENTRUM delivers standard packaging as per Fefco catalog as well as special cardboard products custom-tailored. As per the principle “one-stop-shop“ (everything from one source) packaging of various sizes for different goods is offered, for example granulates, frozen food and furniture. Multicolored prints and fold boxes being glued on multi-positions do also belong to their range of products. Multipart packaging is manufactured by machines or partially also manually. A wide range of corrugated cardboard is used which runs from fine E-flude to CAA-flude depending on customer’s requirements.


The company has grown rapidly. In 2014 a new building was erected and as a result the total area grew to 20.000 m². Apart from purchasing further converting machines the material flow has also been restructured. A fully-automatic MINDA transport system was installed during this process. Two MINDA prefeeders and two MINDA breaker lines followed in the next stage of expansion.

During the process of expansion a partner for the supply of cut-to-size goods settled close to Janmar at the end of 2016. This partner supplies the non-palletized cut-to-size material into the factory via a fix conveyor section through a tunnel. The transport system installed by MINDA receives block information and decides if the block is transported straight to the converting system, into the intermediate storage or into the new high-rack warehouse.

Non-palletized loading into the high-rack warehouse The high-rack warehouse was integrated into an existing hall with a clearance of 10.3 m with routing in the hallway. Building of pits was not required. The high-rack warehouse consists of two lanes. Four shelves allow a simple deep storing over 4 floors. A stacker crane works in every lane and their telescopic forks can operate the storage rack in both directions. Thus every block can be used at any time. In total 400 shelves are available for loading and unloading.

Flexible stacker cranes

If the decision has been made in which storage rack the block is to be loaded, it will either be  transported in lane 1 or in lane 2 to the driven transfer position. The stacker crane moves out the lances, these lances lift the block and transfer it to the stacker crane. Then the stacker crane moves to the respective storage rack, again moves out the lances and lowers the block to the shelf tray The lances return to their basic position and the stacker crane can move to the next order. Unloading is done in the same manner but the blocks leave the high-rack warehouse on a removal conveyor.

Each stacker crane has got two sets of telescopic lances being controlled independently from each other. Therefore, the quantity of storage racks is not identical with the number of blocks. Two blocks could also stand in the same storage rack side by side depending on the block widths (cut length of the corrugated cardboard plant during production). The block depth can vary within a range from 0,50 to 2,50 m. The maximum width for a block can be 3,20 m. Two blocks can be stored in one unit side by side although belonging to different orders. Blocks with a height of up to 1,80 m can be placed in each storage rack. The shelves do not have any conveyor technology. The non-palletized blocks are directly placed on the shelf trays. Apart from the control and visualization system MINDA MoveIT for intralogistics the High-Bay-Warehousing software tool of the MoveIT family is used which completely administrates the high-rack warehouse area. One can see the position of each individual block of an order at any time.

The Engineering Manager Mateusz Wrobel gives a positive feedback on the installation of the high-rack warehouse and describes the process as follows: „The project has been realized with much less complications than expected. We feel happy about it.“

The installation of the high-rack warehouse of Janmar Centrum is a good example for a non-palletized transport. However, loading of palletized blocks is also possible, for example in the finished good area. From the economical and technical point of view an optimum balance between large storage space with high flexibility can be accomplished due to the combination of a fixed high-rack warehouse with a dynamic storage area.

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