First stage of construction completed

Succesful installation of a full-automatic transport system in Russia

In May last year the first stage of construction in the factory ZAOr "Narodnoye Predpriatiye Naberezhnye Chelny“ was completed.

The required components were assembled in comprehensive discussions with the customer in order to realize a higher automation of the factory which was built in the 80s, to ensure a gentler transport of the corrugated board and to increase the operational safety of the operators.



The MINDA transport system

Following the production process of the corrugated board, the corrugated board stacks are optimized for transport. For this purpose, the blocks are doubled and turned according to the direction of the flutes. The latter is required for formats with a chopping length smaller than the working width. As a result, a better utilization of the downstream intermediate storage is reached. A transfer car with two decks transports the goods into the intermediate storage.

This new storage was completely equipped with plastic chains leading to a smooth and safe movement of the corrugated board stacks and thus to a gentler transport. Compared to the previously used roller conveyors the goods now have a large contact surface area and a sheet walk effect is avoided. The accident risk in the discharge area of the goods behind the corrugator is reduced as you can safely walk on these chains. Another important advantage is the tidy surface of the plastic chains which can be easily cleaned and thus the possibility to meet the desired hygienic instructions.

In the intermediate storage sheet plant delivery as well as semi-finished goods are stored. It has been completely visualized and linked by interface with the production planning sytem as well as the corrugator.

Moreovr, MINDA installed a machine feeding system to a die-cutter as well as an supplementary line to a semi-automatic strapping line.

The second stage of construction was completed end of January 2014. It includes the discharge of the goods from the second corrugator, an intermediate storage as well as two more transfer cars to the machine feeding. 


Company magazine "Westnik KBK"

In the company magazine "Westnik KBK" they proudly reported on the modernizations in 2013 and 2014.

The director Gennadij Badygin told that the previous transport system was outdated and the production could no longer be steadily supplied with goods. They often suffered from standstills of the system.

After the realization of the two construction stages the company expects a more transparent production due to the visualization as well as a considerable increase of productivity. Redundant workers will assume other tasks so that the total economic result is considerably improved.

Moreover, the staff was informed that MINDA specialists will work at site during the commissioning period.

The company magazine used this opportunity to talk to the MINDA engineer Peter Goerzen at site.

In the interview they asked him what he considers to be special for MINDA. Mr. Goerzen pointed out that MINDA works out individual solutions for every customer and meets the respeictive customer's requirements.

In addition, Mr. Goerzen was asked which impression he had got of the company KBK. He emphasized that he received a positive impression and that he was specially impressed by the order and cleanliness. 


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