First MPP element on the MINDA press

First MPP element pressed on a MINDA press


A tight schedule presents as successful. After a successful acceptance of the CLT press by the customer in Minden at the beginning of September, MINDA began to dismantle the TimberPress X 337 and delivered it to the United States. In October the MINDA fitters started with the assembly of the first press modules and in December Freres Lumber proudly announced the pressing of the worldwide first Mass Plywood Panels (MPP).



Freres Lumber based in Lyons in the state of Oregon/USA do not only celebrate their 95-year anniversary but also the production of the first CLT elements from playwood. Kyle Freres, Vice President of Operations (Freres), proudly announced on December 18th at 18.15 h that an element with the dimensions of 9,90 m x 2,40 m x 0,1 m left the MINDA press. He describes this being the highpoint of a two-year planning, development, testing and engineering phase.

A look back: Since May 2016 Freres, MINDA and their American representatives, STILES Machinery, have jointly planned the first production line of constructive CLT from plywood. In December 2016 all details were clarified and the contract was ready to signed.
In March 2017 the floor preparations of the new 16.000 m² production hall began including a loading station on trains within the hall. The hall construction company had to meet a very tight schedule as the production had to start up in December.
In October the first containers with press components arrived in the factory. Thanks to the modular construction type and the very dedicated MINDA crew, the complete production line could be installed before the end of the planned time frame. During the second week of December the plywood strips for the new MPP line were also available.
"Coordination was the key to success" says Kyle Freres. The company would like to thank everybody involved for the good cooperation.


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