MINDA Quality management system

MINDA quality policy

It is our top target to meet the customers' requirements and to realize them by means of optimal service and innovative products. Moreover, this target is the center of interest and activities of all our employees.  

Our quality management system acc. to DIN-EN-ISO 9001 : 2015 in Minden is based on our corporate philosophy.

We project and supply our customized products mainly in individual production with small serial portions. Hereby we mainly focus on providing our customers the highest benefit for their requirements at lowest costs regarding the complete production life cycle. This also means to prefer simple solutions for complex functions.

These simple solutions are also continued in the structure of the quality management system.
It supports all business divisions and it is documented on two levels.

MINDA quality management system

The first level consists of an informative quality management manual communicating the own quality policy regarding the standard requirements.
The second level is created by the process-relevant process instructions expressing all required quality regulations of the corresponding divisions.