Pallet loading center

Pallet loading stations transfer goods without pallets onto pallets and they are used for sheets as well as for finished goods.

MINDA provides single and double loading stations. Double loading stations are capable of depositing on pallets a maximum of 200 loads per hour (max. block length 2 x 2.4 m or 1 x 5.0 m).


  • no pallets in the processing area
  • precise and careful pallet loading
  • smooth lowering of the goods onto the pallet, automatic adaptation to the current pallet height
  • pallet positioning precision: +/- 15 mm in relation to the goods
  • fold-on device for bottom protection sheets
  • especially compact design
  • electrical drives

Linear robots ensure the preparation of empty pallets for the pallet loading station.

Fold-on process
The protection sheets are exactly unfolded at the block by means of independently controlled flaps so that they are closely applied in case of a later strapping process and provide an optimal protection of the goods.

Finally the loaded pallet with protection sheet is transported to the strapping process.


+Pallet loading station for individual stacks
Single loading station for loading one block

+Single resp. double loading station
Palletizing of large-size blocks or of two smaller blocks in one cycle

+Pallet loading station divided walls
Loading different block widths in one cycle

+Bottom sheet dispenser
Fully automatic edge protection for strapping

+Robots for empty pallets
Separation of pallets from pallet stack

+ Palletizing pusher
Positioning of sheet goods on pallets

+Transfer station
Palletizing of sheet goods

+Transfer car
Further transport of palletized goods