Transport without pallets

Laminate and parquet transport
A trouble-free transport of the heavy, laminated goods without pallets is provided.
The transport section consists of plastic chain conveyors ensuring a smooth, quiet and safe transport of the goods. 


In the pallet protection center the goods are positioned on pallets for despatch purposes.

Further applications:

  • Transport of laminated door leaves
  • Transport of furniture elements packed in cardboard


Bundle transport

Heavy packages, which are positioned on a bottom sheet, are transported without pallets on plastic chain conveyors within the production process.  The following palletizing allows the transport into a high-rack warehouse.

Further application:

A batch processor already successfully uses plastic chain conveyors for transporting flexible bulk containers, so-called big bags (FIBC-Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container). The Big Bags contain granulate for the plastic production.


Contact partner:

Marco Janssen
MINDA Industrieanlagen GmbH, Tangermünde
Fon: +49 39322 / 996 - 17

Ralf Lampe
MINDA Industrieanlagen GmbH
Fon: +49 571 / 3997 - 192