Customized solutions

Processing section for concrete pipes

This plant allows all operations, such as transport of concrete pipes of different diameters, pipe tilting, roughening of pipe ends on their circumference as well as cleaning and marking of pipes, to be carried out automatically. An automatic pallet handling system is integrated in the plant. A data block containing pipe type and nominal width forms the basis for the automatic sequence control.




Laminating section

The laminating section is used for automatic lamination of foil on rubber.

Two chain conveyors pull the rubber from a non-driven unwinder through a press up to a driven winder. One or two foil reels are unwound in parallel and pulled across the rubber length.

The chain conveyors stop in a controllable cycle, the press is lowered and heat-seals the foil with the rubber under pressure and temperature. After that, the chain conveyors continue by one cycle and the process starts again.



Press system for insulating materials made of recycled rubber

Based on a  customer idea, a plant for the production of raw bales consisting of recycled rubber was developed. These bales have a diameter of 1.6 m and weigh 3 tons.

Ten track-bound bale pressing cars are filled and demoulded in a circular process.

The pressed raw bale cures on its way to the demoulding station. The press system comprises:

+ a bale press having a pressing force of 4,000 kN and a
   stroke of 7,200 mm
+ a relieving press to open the press drum cover with a
   pressing force of 3,000 kN 
+ a demoulding press to press out the finished bales
   with a 3,000 kN   demoulding force and a stroke
   of 1,500 mm.


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