Spherical Cross

Corner turntables are used in transport lines when the direction is changed by 90° and products are to be fed in and out laterally.

A plastic chain with balls allows an easy and elegant execution of this task. Under the ball chain a light transport belt is arranged crosswise to the operating direction. For the lateral transport this belt is driven, the bundles or trays are moved against the operating direction of the belt and can be taken by the adjacent conveyor.


  • minimal ball grid for smallest products
  • no lifting necessary, thus no shear and pinch zones
  • safe and gentle transport of adjoined products
  • transport in all 4 directions without any restriction



  • plane ball chain on transport belt
  • no housings or safety fences necessary
  • installation size according to the products



Spherical Cross behind bundling machines
Up to now, right angle stations fed out the packages behind bundling machines. On the spherical cross the packages are transported at high speed on the ball chain and then laterally fed out to the right or left hand side by means of the transport belt.

Spherical Cross in front of palletizers
Two spherical crosses accumulate bundles and assemble them to layers for a following palletizer.

Spherical Cross as sorting station
The spherical cross in extended design is used to sort goods to several in- and outlets. The goods are distributed in different directions without any switch points or mechanical impact. The contact-free change of direction allows a gentle shift in direction.