For completion of palletizing lines in the area of flat-bed and rotational die-cutters we have developed the Breaker Fractor for different working widths up to 3,200 mm. The breaker is used to separate die-cut sheets, when several finished products are produced from one die-cut sheet and must then be separated after the die-cutting process. The electronically working Breaker Fractor with adjustable and segmented bar features a high positioning accuracy and a simple operation. It is also suitable for L-form nesting. Due to the rubber-covered plastic chain only a low pressure is required so that the flutes of the sheets are not compressed during the separation process.


Breaker line:

In the breaker line two breakers are arranged as line or angular version in order to separate the goods in length- as well as crosswise direction.
This installation allows to divide the separation process and thus leads to a higher throughput per hour.
With the modular design and the variable installation possibilities the Fractor line provides applications for nearly all requirements.



  • electrical drive, no hydraulics
  • high positioning accuracy
  • easy handling
  • short installation length
  • adjustable, segmented bar
  • easy access to all components
  • high productivity by short cycle times
  • rubber-covered plastic chains installed



  • high speed
  • electrical pressure device
  • special chain avoids pressure marks
  • no compression of the corrugated board by low pressure
  • very high safety standard